VJ plugins


AceFx is a selection of vj plugins for Resolume and all good vj software, featuring 7 plugins:

Explore the amorphous realms of algorithmic self-organising criticality.

Transform your visual media in new and exciting ways!

These plugins use cutting-edge mathematics from fractal geometry to cellular automata, to deliver a mind- blowing viewing experience

AceFractal maps the source image recursively around the plane using the classic quadratic Julia transformation

AceTrails adds Jackson 5 style rainbow shifted feedback trails

AceSpiral performs a tiled polar-Cartesian transformation to the source and optionally adds a biased spiral gradient with enhanced pojygonal matte outline control

AceSprite applies stochastic scaled granular sampling with hue shift

AceSphere wraps the source seamlessly and semitransparently around a sphere  or ellipsoid

AceCellular uses the RGB values of each pixel  of the source to influence a 2D cellular automata over 3D space

AceLines adds black lines to the source with variable stretching of the spaces between creating a barcode style effect

These plugins were created using Freeframe. if you’d like to have a go making some yourself, here are the libraries you will need.